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“Credit or Debit?”

“Credit or Debit?”

“Credit or Debit?”


Staff Writer

November 2, 2023

Bastien Sever '26

The school has terminated its partnership with MyKidsSpending, the company that provided student debit accounts during the 2022-23 school year. MyKidsSpending allowed students to pay at the school store, Snack Bar, and club fundraisers using MariaCard, which doubled as students’ ID. A similar software, OneCard, ran student debit accounts for years before MyKidsSpending. 

With the end of student banking, students must now use personal credit or debit cards on campus instead. This move has caused a number of inconveniences. 

The move away from MyKidsSpending was made after a comprehensive review of the program. Ms. Melissa Woodin, the comptroller, said, “The school, as well as families, had been experiencing significant issues with the platform that MyKidsSpending was not able to resolve for us.” Many students, in contrast, found the features offered by the MariaCard useful. Its convenience, for example, was an obvious plus. MariaCard was quick and easy to use; students only needed to tap on a scanner to pay at the Snack Bar. 

In contrast, students must use the card reader for credit cards and enter PINs for debit cards. For almost a week earlier in the school year, the Snack Bar’s card reader was unable to process debit card transactions, which limited purchases to only those with access to credit cards. Snack Bar employee Philip Mooser said, “OneCard and MariaCard were easier for us to handle. It just went straight through. With a credit card, we have to put out receipts.” 

Not only does the new system complicate his job and those of other Snack Bar employees, students have also noted an increase in line congestion. 

The termination of student debit accounts is affecting more than just Snack Bar lines. The people who serve the student body and the groups who rely on donations from the school community are also facing consequences. 

The new system has harmed the ability of clubs on campus to process donations. During this year’s Crop Walk, a fundraiser for the Corner Food Pantry, members of St. Luke’s were frustrated by the extra steps and paperwork required for credit and debit card purchases. 

Daniel Zhang ’26, board member of St. Luke’s, said, “The new system has made it a lot harder for us to raise money. Donating with the OneCard was more efficient and a lot faster. Now, having to type in so much information for debit and credit cards, many students don’t find it worth the hassle.” 

Clubs must run all transactions as “card-not-present” and write down card details and billing information. As donating becomes less convenient, St. Luke’s noticed that fundraising dropped. The donations lost due to the new system will make it harder for organizations on campus to raise funds for worthy causes, reducing the positive impact the school can have on our local community. 

The school ought to address these concerns. Whether this means reassociation with MyKidsSpending or seeking out a new company to provide spending services in the future, the administration must improve the current system.

Bastien Sever is a staff writer for The Record,

November 16th

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