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A New Role for Ms. Robin Chandler ’87

A New Role for Ms. Robin Chandler ’87

A New Role for Ms. Robin Chandler ’87


Between 1995 and 2017, Ms. Chandler served as the head coach of Varsity Field Hockey.

Staff Writer

January 18, 2024

Julian Zhang '26

As Communications Project Manager, Ms. Robin Chandler ’87 works with the school’s Communications team. In the past, Ms. Chandler has served the school as coach of the Girls Varsity Field Hockey and Varsity Hockey teams, co-director of athletics, and instructor in Latin. She is currently working to prepare for the 50th Co-Education Anniversary Celebration. 

What brought you to the school? 

My father, John Chandler Jr., [who goes by “Rusty,”] graduated from Hotchkiss in 1953, and returned here eleven years later to work in the Admissions Office. So, I grew up on campus with my siblings and many other faculty children. Following in the footsteps of the Chandlers before me, I attended Hotchkiss and graduated in 1987. After college, I had a brief stint working at another prep school in Newport, then decided it was time to return home. I have been a faculty member here for 29 years. 

What do you do as Communications Project Manager? 

After serving in the Athletic Office as a co-director of Athletics since 2004, I decided it was time to try something else. So, when this position came up in 2021, I jumped at the chance. I had the opportunity to do something different on campus, but I also had the distinct honor of helping the school celebrate a very important milestone—the first 50 years of coeducation—which is near and dear to me. 

I work with the wonderful Communications Office, led by Chief Communications Officer Ms. Hope Cobera ’88, who oversees me and my work with the 50th anniversary project. I also work very closely with members of the 50th Steering Committee. A typical day varies greatly. I can be working on the 50th anniversary, then switch to writing an article for the website, then head off in the afternoon to take pictures of a hockey game. Even when I plan out my day, there are often time-sensitive tasks that pop up, so I pivot and get done what needs to be done. 

My favorite part of my job has always been interacting with students. I have always said they are the best part of Hotchkiss. Five students are working closely with Ms. Catherine Calamé, marketing and communications strategist, and me to conduct extensive research throughout the winter season on the history of Hotchkiss girls’ athletics. We hope to produce visual displays, contribute to school publications, create banners and flags to hang around the MAC, and share relevant content on social media platforms by the end of the winter season. 

What is one of your best memories at the school? 

One of my favorite memories is from my Upper Mid year. It was the end of the fall field hockey season, and we were playing in the Western New England championship game against Choate. A little before halftime, it started to snow, and it was coming down fast. At halftime, parents and spectators went out on the field and started sweeping the lines so we could continue to play. We were down 1-2, and our coach told us the game could be called at any time, so we better not wait to even up the score. The second half was incredible. We played our best field hockey of the season, scored two goals, and won the championship! 

How do you spend your time outside of work? 

I have two dogs and am in the process of renovating a house I bought off campus last summer. I am also an artist and love doing all sorts of creative projects.

Julian Zhang is a staff writer for The Record.

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