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A Reflection on Hotchkiss

A Reflection on Hotchkiss

A Reflection on Hotchkiss



September 9, 2023


The first editorials of the last few school years tackled ominous topics, including recovery from Covid and lack of engagement with school programming. And that made sense, because we were responding to a crisis as a school and in the country and world. Although the world is still stressful, it’s important to remember the many good things in our lives and to appreciate the wonderful place where we are. 

It’s always weird to ask someone “Why Hotchkiss?” Especially for first-generation Bearcats, it’s hard to get enough information on the internet or through word-of-mouth to formulate an answer to that question before arriving on campus. But for the first editorial of the year, we at the Editorial Board of The Record wanted to try to give an answer to that question with our combined nine years of insight. 


It’s a bit cliché, but Hotchkiss’s biggest strength is its community. We have a wonderful culture of inclusivity and support. The truth is that Hotchkiss’ social culture is very rare, especially in the boarding school world. You can walk up to anyone in the hallway and strike up a conversation, and some classes feel like one big friend group. But kindness goes beyond friendship – from our wonderful counselors to peer listeners to proctors to advisors and beyond, the safety net this school creates for its students is unique. 


We have incredible artists, musicians, and performers at this school, whose work seems impossibly beyond what we could expect of a 16-year-old’s skills. Want to do a research project for your cocurricular? Want to go on a summer trip and play music in Spain with your friends? How about starting a club to talk about sleep? Yes, yes and yes, and the school will be there for you regardless of how wacky or niche your ideas are.


Sometimes, it’s frustrating that we can’t go away to a big city for the weekend. Sometimes, it’s upsetting that you can never really “be alone” in a residential community like ours. All this is true, but there’s an important thing to remember throughout your Hotchkiss experience. You’re going to have all the time in the world to work and live in the big city, and you’re going to have all the time in the world to spend with your own thoughts. Part of the Hotchkiss experience is learning to appreciate Hotchkiss as a place. Whether it’s the Beeslick Woods, the Farm, or going to Saturday Astronomy, there are things to do on campus that will be core memories for you for the rest of your life. So it’s important to appreciate them now – go with your friends or go alone, but don’t let “the grind” stop you from immersing yourself in this incredible place. If you’re a new student, we hope this helps you understand and love the place that is going to be your home for the next few years. If you’re returning, we hope this encourages you to take a moment and reflect on what you love most about this school. 

And if it does - write for The Record! We’re always here for you.

Benjamin Who is an editor-in-chief of The Record.

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