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Acclaimed Journalist Chris Wallace ʼ65 Honored in Elfers With Alumni Award

Acclaimed Journalist Chris Wallace ʼ65 Honored in Elfers With Alumni Award

Acclaimed Journalist Chris Wallace ʼ65 Honored in Elfers With Alumni Award


Mr. Chris Wallace ’65 and Mr. Craig Bradley talk in a “fireplace chat” during the award presentation.

Staff Writer

May 18, 2023

Teo Everts '26 and Ethan Choi '26

On Friday, May 5, journalist and broadcaster Chris Wallace ’65 was presented with the Alumni Award, the highest honor granted to alumni.

Established in 1931, the Alumni Award commemorates alumni who have excelled in their fields and been recognized by their peers nationally and internationally. Nominees are chosen by the Nominating Committee of the Alumni Association Board of Governors and voted on by the Board of Trustees. Past winners include Tom Werner, chairman of the Fenway Sports Group; architect Nader Tehrani, known for his work in urban design; and Academy and Emmy Award-winning actor Allison Janney.

Mr. Wallace attended the school from 1962 to 1965. Reflecting on his time here during the ceremony in Elfers Hall, he said, “The school played a significant role during a crucial time in my life. I cherish those years and the memories created here. I was both surprised and delighted to be invited back to receive the Alumni Award.”

After graduating, Mr. Wallace attended Harvard University. He began his professional career in journalism as a city hall reporter for The Boston Globe, going on to work for numerous television news shows such as NBC’s Meet the Press and ABC’s Nightline. Mr. Wallace is the author of two bestselling books and has earned multiple accolades, including three Emmys. Best known for his work at Fox News, he hosted the award-winning Fox News Sunday and became the first person to host multiple major Sunday morning talk shows. He is currently an anchor at CNN and host of Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?, a streaming series on HBO Max.

CNN has praised Mr. Wallace for his “unbiased, incisive approach to interviews.” His skills as an interviewer have afforded him the opportunity to engage with prominent figures, including three U.S. presidents. During his time with Fox News, Mr. Wallace was chosen to moderate presidential debates in 2016 and 2020. Today, he is among the most influential and recognizable broadcasting personalities.

Mr. Wallace received a standing ovation in Elfers Hall. Before being presented with the award, Mr. Craig Bradley, head of school, conducted a “fireside chat” with Mr. Wallace in front of the school community. During their conversation, Mr. Bradley highlighted Mr. Wallace's outstanding accomplishments as a student at the school, serving as a senior editor for The Record and managing Boys Varsity Basketball. Towards the conclusion of the event, Megan Curi '24, head of Hotchkiss Political Union, and Nate Seidenstein '24, editor-in-chief of The Record, had the opportunity to pose questions to Mr. Wallace regarding current political and journalistic topics.

Tom Terbell ’95, member of the Board of Governors and chairman of the Nominating Committee, commented on Mr. Wallace's selection, saying, “The Alumni Award has a rigorous process, with specific requirements and tenets needed for a recipient. These qualifications include the alumnus bringing repute to the school, being recognized worldwide, and earning recognition from their peers. Mr. Wallace undoubtedly exemplifies these qualifications."

Curi praised Mr. Wallace's approach to political commentary. She said, “Chris Wallace challenges his interviewees with thought-provoking questions that test their ideas. In a world where people often passively listen to politicians without questioning their opinions, Mr. Wallace sparks genuine discussions about political ideas and beliefs."

Meilan Antonucci ’24, head of Hotchkiss Republicans, said, “In a country grappling with political polarization, Mr. Wallace’s ability to find middle ground demonstrates his skill in navigating both sides of the political spectrum."

Ethan Choi is a staff writer for The Record.

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