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Actor Tyree Shines as Black Box Director

Actor Tyree Shines as Black Box Director

Actor Tyree Shines as Black Box Director


Tyree plays The Baker’s Wife in Into The Woods.

Staff Writer

June 2, 2023

Katie Qian '26

Mary Tyree ‘23 is a four-year Senior from New York, New York. Next year, she will attend the University of Chicago, where she intends to major in Political Science with a minor in Theatre. Fellow theatre student Addie Cirulius ‘25 said, “Mary’s passion and dedication motivate all of us to perform better. You can see the devotion in her eyes, on stage and off.” 

How did you discover your passion for theatre? 

I have been singing ever since I was three years-old in musical theatre productions. At my all-girls middle school, I got to play both female and male roles in the first play I participated in, Guys and Dolls, where I played Harry the Horse. I started to love it there, especially the community that theatre comes with. My passion for theatre deepened when I joined Hotchkiss Dramatic Association (HDA), as it helped me explore the deeper meanings of theatre and how acting can impact others. 

How has the theatre program at the school helped you improve as an actress? 

I remember that in my Prep theatre class, we did a lot of interesting activities to help us learn how to project our voices and perform confidently on stage. For example, there was one time when had to dance alone in the middle of the Black Box for the duration of our favourite song. At first, it was so nerve-racking and weird, but, over time, I realised how the exercise helped me learn to be vulnerable and express myself in front of people that I may not know that well. Although I did not understand the purpose of these acting exercises at the time, now, I realise that these practices have helped me grow as a performer. This year, I co-directed Ordinary Days with my friend, Harry Morelli ’23, which was my first directing experience ever. In the past, I have only been on the performing side of theatre, so I was super excited about this opportunity. I worked with lighting directors and set designers, cast actors, edited scripts, and experienced the full process in producing a play. My four-year experience as a part of HDA really taught me how to perform on stage, as the program focuses on ensemble performances and individual actors, both important aspects in theatre. HDA also provided me with an opportunity to challenge myself and explore new aspects of my passion. 

What part of theatre do you love the most? 

My theatre experience so far has been life-changing. I have found the strongest and most inclusive community at the school through theater. Performing has also become my artistic outlet. During the pandemic, when I did not have this outlet, I realised that having this space at the school to express my identity is super important to me. Theatre is something that everyone does at some point, even if they don’t realise it, so if you’re not already a theatre student, I would encourage you to try it out.

Katie Qian is a staff writer for The Record.

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