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AOI: Dancer & Choreographer Daniela Vasquez

AOI: Dancer & Choreographer Daniela Vasquez

AOI: Dancer & Choreographer Daniela Vasquez


Vasquez perfomed in a ballet piece in Dance Club’s winter showcase last year.

Contributing Writer

January 18, 2024

Emma Liu '26

Daniela Vasquez ’24 is a four year Senior from Los Angeles, California. She has been dancing competitively for ten years. Since her Prep year, Vasquez has been a member of the Hotchkiss Dance Company. She is also co-head of the Dance Club, co-head of De Colores, a member of the Step Team, and a member of the JV Ultimate Frisbee Team. 

How did you discover your passion for dance? 

I started dancing at the age of seven. I found my passion for dance because most of my friends at the time loved dancing, so I wanted to try it out. After the first few practices, I fell in love with it, especially the ability for dance to tell a story. Expressing my emotions through dance and forming a connection with the audience is truly beautiful. Most competitive dance teams choreograph in the winter and then compete in the spring and summer. Unfortunately, I had to stop competitive dancing completely because of the challenging time commitment. However, I am very grateful for the supportive community of dancers here.

What do you enjoy about performing? 

I love that Dance Club showcases are entirely student-run, coordinated, and choreographed. The showcases include multiple students each year, ranging in level and experience, making each performance unique. It is really fulfilling to see everyone’s hard work after hours of rehearsal and to share the stage with people I have never performed with before. 

How has the school’s dance program helped you develop as a dancer? 

Growing up, ballet technique was something I never focused on. But here at Hotchkiss, Ms. Allesandra Rinaldo, dance program director and instructor in dance, has helped me hone my technique. She even helped me go on pointe in 2023, which was a significant milestone for me. She is an excellent teacher and truly cares about her students’ enjoyment of dance. 

What advice would you give to aspiring or beginning dancers?

Every dancer has their own unique and individual journey. Growing up, I struggled because I compared myself to other dancers— from my body, technique, and flexibility to the ability to pick up choreography quickly. After a while, I learned that comparing myself would not help me improve as a dancer; instead, it made me lose self-confidence. There is a distinct difference between appreciating other people’s dance and letting that admiration discourage you. No two dancers have the same movement quality, so it is important to celebrate your own progress and find your own way to express yourself.

Emma Liu is a contributing writer for The Record.

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