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AOI: Emmanuella Frimpomaa

AOI: Emmanuella Frimpomaa

AOI: Emmanuella Frimpomaa


Frimpomaa has 44 career goals, 21 of them this year.

Staff Writer

November 15, 2023

Jackson Grace '26

Emmanuella Frimpomaa ’24 is a three-year Senior from Accra, Ghana. Known to her teammates as Manny, she is co-captain of Girls Varsity Soccer, plays forward for the team, and is committed to play Division I soccer at Dartmouth College. She came to the school through Right to Dream, which provides boarding school educations for young soccer players. Head Coach Missy Wolff said, “Manny is a strong, confident player. She leads by example, giving it her all on the field and pushing herself at every moment. Her teammates step up their level of play to match her. In her career as a Hotchkiss player, has scored an incredible 44 goals, 21 of them this year alone.” 

How did you start playing soccer? 

I grew up in a house full of boys. I didn’t have a single female buddy in my community. I was always left behind while my brother and cousins went out. I learned to play soccer so that I would not be bored at home and could accompany them. Then I made them play with me at home. I picked up the sport rapidly. 

What is your favorite memory with the team? 

Every day with the team is a memory. This team means a lot to me. I’m always safe and supported. Whenever I score, I get excited, because I do it for the team. Some of my best memories include getting on the bus for away games and vibing on the way back, whether we won or lost. I treasure hearing my name on the sideline, strolling back to dinner together, and having fun in the locker room. How do you feel going into your last soccer game as a Bearcat? I still can’t believe I’ll be playing my final high school game in a few days. It’s like a dream. It went by in a flash. Knowing that makes me very sad, however, I am prepared to do everything in my power to beat Taft. I want my final game at Hotchkiss to be memorable. 

What was your college application and commitment process like? 

Dartmouth coaches became intrigued after viewing my highlight videos from last fall. I made many calls to learn more about Dartmouth and its women’s soccer program. During the summer, I was able to visit the campus and attend an ID Clinic, where I met some of the wonderful coaches and team members. I consider myself extremely fortunate, because everything that has come my way has been a gift from God. 

What advice do you have for younger players? 

Come to practice every day to get better. There is no such thing as being too good or too bad. There is always room for growth. Before you can win, you must start. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start somewhere. Don’t rely on external validation. Waiting for a coach, teammate, or family member to say “well done” or “you played well” before believing in yourself is a mistake. It has to come from within. Finally, have fun while playing for your teammates, coaches, and yourself.

Jackson Grace is a staff writer for The Record.

November 16th

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