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Anji Ashaye ’24 and Jacquo Pierre ’24, incoming all-school presidents, both have experience as class co-presidents.

Staff Writer

April 27, 2023

Ethan Choi '26

On Friday, April 14, students and faculty gathered in Walker Auditorium to welcome the 2023-24 all-school presidents: Anji Ashaye ’24 and Jacquo Pierre ’24. The two addressed the student body, outlining their plans for the 2023-24 school year. 

In an unprecedented occurrence, the pair ran unopposed, and the school declared them winners without an election. In previous years, the election process involved public Q&A sessions and all-school speeches by candidate pairs and several rounds of voting. 

The two new all-school presidents said, “We really want to prove ourselves to the student body because we weren’t able to go through the official process that other presidents went through. We are fully prepared to face this challenge.” 

Ben Who ’24, who served as Prep class co-president with Ashaye, said, “Anji and Jacquo will make terrific presidents. In their pursuits at Hotchkiss, they’ve shown leadership, passion, and an ability to create change.” 

Outgoing all-school presidents Chris Mudry ’23 and Richie Mamam-Nbiba ’23 also expressed their enthusiasm. Mudry said, “Anji and Jacquo are enthusiastic leaders who have gained respect and trust from the entire community. Richie and I have no doubt they will achieve all they set out to do.” 

Pierre and Ashaye currently hold a number of leadership positions in the school community. Pierre is an Upper Mid class president, board member of WKIS, head of Food is Fuel, co-captain of the Varsity Football team, and Coy proctor. Ashaye is a co-captain of the Girls JV Soccer and Basketball teams, Buehler proctor, Record News Editor, member of the Upper Mid class council, and member of the Disciplinary Committee. 

Ashaye said, “During our time here, Jacquo and I have prioritized building connections with as many students as possible, and we will make sure to bring their diverse perspectives to our decision-making.” The new presidents are proposing many new policies and ideas for the upcoming school year. For example, the pair believes that a reading day should be implemented at the end of the first and third marking periods, similar to those at the end of marking periods two and four. 

Pierre said, “Students are overwhelmed and don’t have the free time to catch up on their work [during these periods], and overwhelming students is not healthy.” In addition, Ashaye and Pierre would like to work with Mr. Richard Davis, dean of academic life, to regularly send standardized feedback forms for students to express concerns regarding their classes. 

The pair also want to push check-in to 11 p.m. on Fridays of two-day weekends, host more off-campus activities, and plan interactions with peer schools such as dances, conferences, and field days. They also want to promote bonding within the school community by organizing inter-grade dinners — a tradition that stopped during COVID. The pair wants to work with Mrs. Marcie Wistar, director of student activities, and Clubs Committee to renovate the Community Calendar to include every nightly club meeting. They also want to revive conversations about daytime interdorming and sleepovers and find a way to implement policies that would be equitable for all. 

Ashaye said, “Although we can’t be certain that these policies can or will be approved, we do believe it’s important these conversations happen and promise to act as mediators between administration and the students during these discussions.” 

Ashaye and Pierre ended their address to the school with a message to the students: “Above all, we truly care about everyone feeling represented through our presidency. Our genuineness and connection to this community will show throughout next year. However, when we need to get things done, we will get them done. All in all, next year will be defined as fun.”

Ethan Choi is a staff writer for The Record.

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