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Associate Head of School Merrilee Mardon to Depart

Associate Head of School Merrilee Mardon to Depart

Associate Head of School Merrilee Mardon to Depart

JAMI HUANG '25/The Hotchkiss Record

Dr. Mardon with her 2022-2023 advisory


June 2, 2023

Nate Seidenstein '24

Members of the school’s faculty and staff devote themselves every day to serving students and creating a safe and supportive learning community. Among them, Dr. Merrilee Mardon is one of the most dedicated.

After joining the school as an instructor in economics in 2008 and serving as associate head of school and dean of faculty since 2018, Dr. Mardon and her family will leave Lakeville at the end of this academic year. She will move to join Phillips Academy Andover as their deputy head of school. 

After graduating from Smith College, Dr. Mardon received her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. 

On campus, she has served as an instructor of economics, head of the Excuse Office, dean of academic life, and dean of faculty. Dr. Mardon currently teaches Honors Economics and serves as an advisor. 

Advisee Boffi Lin ’24 said, “She’s always made me feel welcome, and she’s been incredibly caring and generous towards me.” Dr. Mardon was instrumental in helping create the Walter Crain Fellowship, a partnership between the school and the Klingenstein Center of Teachers College at Columbia University. The program supports the development of professionals from populations traditionally underrepresented in independent schools. She also helped create the current portfolio system for faculty evaluation and professional development. 

Mx. Emma Wynn, instructor in philosophy, religion, and history, said, “Dr. Mardon will be sorely missed. Her genuine care for each member of the faculty, particularly for faculty from marginalized communities and women, has helped us hire and retain fantastic people.” Ms. Sara Chiarenza, Faculty and Recruitment Operations Manager, said, “Dr. Mardon is a mentor, a colleague, an incredible human, and a friend. I want to thank her for everything she has done for the students, teachers, staff, and families of Hotchkiss — we are better because of her.” 

Asked to formulate a goodbye message to Mardon, Lin said, “Dr. Mardon, you’ve changed my life here at Hotchkiss. Thank you for everything.”

Nate Seidenstein is an Editor-In-Chief for The Record.

September 28th

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