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Avocado Cafe: Go-To Spot for Authentic Mexican Food

Avocado Cafe: Go-To Spot for Authentic Mexican Food

Avocado Cafe: Go-To Spot for Authentic Mexican Food

Contributing Writer

December 8, 2022

Arielle Sibley-Grace '26

Known for its traditional Mexican food, the Avocado Cafe is a popular delivery choice among students. The Cafe is located in Millerton, NY, and boasts two other locations at Amenia, NY and Lee, MA.

Established in 2015 by Ivan Carrera, Avocado Cafe Millerton provides a wide array of authentic Mexican food. Carrera works to preserve the authenticity of his cooking by using traditional recipes and ingredients. He said, “We wanted to do something different from many modern Mexican restaurants. Now, we have a lot of our spices coming from Mexico.”

Avocado Cafe only offers delivery services to the school. Recently, the restaurant implemented an online ordering system. Carerra said, “Before [online delivery]...we [had] only one phone that could not take all of the orders, so we were just doing a few orders a day. Now that we’re doing online delivery, we have more orders, so it’s been a really good thing for us. Students from Hotchkiss are [also] getting their food faster.”

Chloe Elkareh ’26 appreciates the diversity that the restaurant brings to food available for students. She said, “There are a lot of pizza restaurants here, so Avocado Cafe is a great alternative.” Elkareh recommends the Azteca bowl — a flour tortilla burrito bowl filled with chicken, rice, beans, lettuce, onions, cilantro, and cheese. Preston Leung ’23 said, “Avocado Cafe is, overall, pretty good… [although] they don’t answer the phone very often. I recommend the real beef quesadilla and the churros.”

During the pandemic, Carrera struggled to find employees and had to take on multiple responsibilities — from cooking, to setting the table, to delivering food. He said, “When the pandemic started, we had a rough time. We could only open three days a week, and there were a lot of businesses that closed for good. The best part about [the community] is that they support these restaurants to get through the pandemic. We are very happy with the response of the community [and] that’s why we are still [here].”

Arielle Sibley-Grice is a contributing writer for The Record.

December 7th

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