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Ben Brown Kicks Off His Fourth Season with BVS

Ben Brown Kicks Off His Fourth Season with BVS

Ben Brown Kicks Off His Fourth Season with BVS


Brown dribbles past a Westminster defender during the 2022-23 season

Former Sports Editor

September 9, 2023

Matias Acevedo '24

Ben Brown ’24 is a four-year Senior from Scarsdale, New York. Brown is a four-year member and co-captain of Boys Varsity Soccer. He plays both the midfield and in attack and recently committed to play soccer at Williams College. Co-captain Harrison Hoffman ’24 said, “Ben cares deeply about the success of the team as well as the success of each player. Ben’s strong work ethic supports his competitive mindset, and he pushes every player around him to improve.” 

How did you start playing soccer? 

Being born and raised in London, I felt I had to play soccer, as it was just what everyone did. After going to my first Arsenal match, I fell in love with the beautiful game. From that day on, I went to every Arsenal game and found myself playing in the park with my friends all the time.

 What has been a favorite memory with the school’s team? 

My favorite memory on the team was during my sophomore year, when we beat Northfield Mount Hermon 3-2. They would go on to win all of New England’s without conceding a goal after that game. That game showed me that anything is possible. It was the most unified I have ever felt a Hotchkiss soccer team was during my time here. 

What do you enjoy most about soccer? 

My favorite part of playing soccer is the team aspect. I have made good friends throughout my time playing soccer, and I hope to continue to do so in the future. Obviously, you go through a lot of good and bad times in a season and the strongest friendships are made through those moments. 

What are your expectations for the team for the season? 

I think we have a really strong group this year, and so I think we should be pushing to make the playoffs this year. 

What is some advice you would give to young and aspiring players?

 I would just say to keep working hard and to maintain a positive attitude. One thing I have learned from my soccer experience here is that hard work and positivity comes above talent or anything else. To be successful here, you have to adopt that mindset, and then only good things will come.

Matias Acevedo is a former sports editor for The Hotchkiss Record.

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