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BLAC exhibit showcases work in Main Hallway

BLAC exhibit showcases work in Main Hallway

BLAC exhibit showcases work in Main Hallway


BLAC invites viewers to honor Black creativity and passion with an exhibition in Main Hallway.

Staff Writer

March 2, 2023

Katharine Ellis '26

The Black Literature and Arts Collective’s (BLAC) annual exhibition brings submissions to BLAC magazine to life in Main Hallway. Inspired by a barber ship installation created by Isaac Alicea ’20, the exhibition organizers and editors-in-chief of BLAC magazine, Richie Mamam Nbiba ’23 and Sydney Jean ’23, created an exhibition for Black History Month that offered Black creators an opportunity to share their work with the community. The exhibition showcases art from past publications of BLAC magazine and new pieces created by Nbiba, Jean, Black alumni, board members of BLAC, and Black students from boarding schools across the country. 

The collection incorporates a new collage poster by Jhane Brooker from the George School that portrays the beauty and power of Black women. Jamil Pandey ’23 contributed a lyrical analysis called The Breakdown that honors Black music. Jean said, “Max Smith ’23 wrote the poem Stockholm Syndrome. Before this, no one knew that he wrote poetry at all. So this exhibition is a really nice way to share his work.” 

From the sneakers made of cardboard to the vibrant posters, the show was designed entirely by students. Phoenix Feng ’25 said, “I love that students were able to combine their cultural identity with creative flair to create a display that portrays different aspects of their culture to the community. I especially loved the creativity in the shoe installation and the collection of photographs.”

 The exhibition aims to celebrate Black joy during a month often associated with Black suffering. “Black joy is crucial, as it highlights the successes that came from these historic struggles. [The exhibit] serves as an important reminder of the work and energy needed to have Black joy and is a way of shedding light on both the achivements and remaining issues within the Black community,” Zayda Gordon ’25 said. 

While the injustices experienced by Black people on U.S. soil, along with the civil rights and suffrage movements, will continue to be crucial aspects of Black identity, through flipping the narrative and centering Black joy, the editors-in-chief of BLAC hope to emphasize the creativity, passion, and beauty of Black people. At the beginning of the exhibit, a large mirror encourages viewers to look at their own faces surrounded by the message, “You Look Good.” 

The editors-in-chief chose to install the exhibit just outside the Deans’ Wing to ensure that community members will see it often as they walk through Main Hallway. “I think it is a great way to display the powerful art and pursuits of individuals for Black empowerment,” Sia Reddy ’26 said. 

The exhibition will remain on display until March 3.

Katharine Ellis is a staff writer for The Record.

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