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BLAC Magazine Hosts Launch Event For New Issue

BLAC Magazine Hosts Launch Event For New Issue

BLAC Magazine Hosts Launch Event For New Issue


BLAC Editors-in-Chief Sydney Jean ’24 and Richie Mamam Nbiba ’23.

At an event with sushi and music, editors of BLAC reintroduced the magazine to the community.

Contributing Writer

November 2, 2022

Yixi Zou '25

Welcoming students with sushi and music, editors of the Black Literature and Arts Collective (BLAC) reintroduced the magazine to the community on October 28.

Founded in 2020 by Sydney Jean ’23 and Alana Dowdell ’23, BLAC is an inter-school publication with board members from independent schools including Taft, Deerfield, and Choate.

BLAC includes interviews, artwork, photography, and writing by Black students. In the past, issues have focused on specific topics, such as gender roles in the Black community. 

Richie Mamam Nbiba ’23, an editor-in-chief, said, “We hope that BLAC creates a space in which all forms of Black art are accepted and heard.”

Jean and Mamam Nbiba began the event by talking about BLAC’s history and showcasing pieces from past issues. Abi Kizza ’25 said, “I feel like it’s hard when I’m at a predominantly white institution, and there aren’t that many Black students. At many other schools, there hasn’t been space for people like me to represent themselves as much as we can here, so I’m glad to have such a great opportunity here with a magazine that is supported by the school.”

BLAC plans to publish two major issues and a smaller, sample issue this year. Currently, board members are working on an issue for Black History Month in February, as well as an exhibit in the Rotunda that Mamam Nbiba described as “a celebration of Black joy” for the community. BLAC will also host the Black Link of Independent Schools Summit (BLISS) at the school in the Spring.

Yixi Zou is a contributing writer for The Record.

A version of this article appears in the November 3 issue with the headline "BLAC Magazine Hosts Launch Event For New Issue."

December 7th

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