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Dempsey Quinn Named Athletic Director

Dempsey Quinn Named Athletic Director

Dempsey Quinn Named Athletic Director

ZACH LEWIS ’24/@zlewproductions

Mr. Dempsey Quinn became Head Coach of Varsity Football this fall.

Staff Writer

May 18, 2023

Ben Wistar '26

Mr. Dempsey Quinn has served the community as Upper Mid class dean, Head Coach of Varsity Football, Van Saantvoord dorm head, and instructor in mathematics. Next year, he will step up into the role of Athletic Director, taking the place of Mr. Danny Smith, who will move to admissions after nearly two decades leading the school’s athletics program. 

The search committee for the new Athletic Director and the external consulting firm Coaching-Peace reviewed over a hundred applications and ultimately invited three candidates to campus as finalists. Associate Dean of Faculty Ms. Claudia McGuigan said, “The search committee was looking for an individual with strong experience building athletic programs in a diverse, safe, but challenging environment and someone with excellent communication skills. The successful candidate needed to be able to address the various stakeholders at Hotchkiss and beyond.” 

On April 25, Mr. Craig Bradley, head of school, announced that Mr. Quinn has accepted the position. Mr. Smith said, “Mr. Quinn will do a fine job. He loves sports and has strong people skills. The school is truly fortunate to have such a good leader in our midst. He will be an outstanding representative for Hotchkiss.” 

Ms. McGuigan said, “Mr. Quinn’s communication style is kind but firm; he respects others and garners respect in return. He has a clear vision for Athletics and knows what the institution needs to grow. He knows how to build an effective team, which is essential in any role that guides policy and culture.” 

Mr. Quinn already has a number of goals for his first few years in the new position. In particular, Mr. Quinn aims to ensure that sub-Varsity teams have supportive environments that foster growth. He also identified the importance of educating coaches and identifying faculty members who want to coach. 

Mr. Quinn said, “Being an athletic director has always been a goal of mine. I have a big sports background and being an athletic director has always seemed like the next best thing to being a coach or an athlete. This role is the best of the teaching and athletic worlds combined.”

Ben Wistar in a staff writer for The Record.

November 16th

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