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Dynamic Program Revived Under New Coaches

Dynamic Program Revived Under New Coaches

Dynamic Program Revived Under New Coaches


Due to demand, Dynamic meets during two separate 45-minute blocks daily

Contributing Writer

February 1, 2024

Deven Patel '27

Mr. J.R. Mastro, head coach of Boys Varsity Lacrosse, has taken over as the new head of the Dynamic training program following Mr. Brodie Quinn’s departure in 2023. Mr. Mastro came to the school the same year as a science instructor and lacrosse coach. 

Mr. Quinn, the brother of Athletic Director Mr. Dempsey Quinn, was the strength and conditioning coach and an assistant Varsity Football coach. 

Dynamic is a non-competitive co-curricular open to athletes who participate in two varsity sports. Mr. Mastro said, “Dynamic allows varsity athletes to stay in the weight room and follow a good workout plan in their offseason to prep them for their season.” 

For the fall season, Dynamic did not yet have a coach, so students participated in workouts independently. In the spring, while Mr. Mastro coaches lacrosse, Mr. Dempsey Quinn plans to lead Dynamic workouts. Because of the large number of athletes in the program, Dynamic is now offered in two separate 45-minute blocks each day. Mr. Mastro said, “The best part of the program is the student athletes. They’re there because they want to get better. Without them, there wouldn’t be a program. It’s cool to see people from different teams work out together and share that bond of being athletes.” 

The program still utilizes workout plans from last year. However, Mr. Mastro has also adjusted Mr. Quinn’s workouts. Revamped workouts include both traditional lifting—such as squatting and benching—and exercised designed to target other skills. 

Mr. Mastro said, “I’ve taken the previous plan and added in mobility stuff, as well as some workouts that are more focused on building explosiveness. It’s been a lot of fun. Our student-athletes are asking so many questions on their form, on different workouts that they can be doing outside of the gym, and different running and conditioning drills.” 

When asked what his favorite part of the program has been so far Mr. Mastro said, “I enjoy getting to know everyone, especially as someone who is new to campus and new to this community.” 

Sahil Shah ’26, who plays Varsity Baseball, said, “I like Dynamic because everyone there shares the common goal of bettering themselves. Especially with many of us preparing for our upcoming spring seasons, we have a chance to build team camaraderie earlier on.”

Deven Patel is a contributing writer for The Record.

February 1st

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