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Ginny Faus Inspires Students to Pursue Science

Ginny Faus Inspires Students to Pursue Science

Ginny Faus Inspires Students to Pursue Science


Mrs. Faus from the 2004 Mischianza

Contributing Writer

April 27, 2023

Katie Yang '25

Finding the right words to describe Mrs. Ginny Faus P’10, the Edward R. Tinker Chair, and instructor in chemistry, is a challenge. “She is gentle in her approach, firm with her students, and a mentor to her colleagues,” said Dr. Richard Kirby, instructor in chemistry.

Mrs. Faus has coached Varsity & JV Swimming, Instructional Swimming, and Club Biking, and served as a dorm faculty in Van Santvoord and Garland. Since arriving at the school in 1987 with her husband — Mr. Brad Faus, instructor in studio arts — Mrs. Faus has taught, advised, and coached hundreds of students. She said, “We have stayed [at the school] because we really love the students. We also have great colleagues to work with, and as a teacher you have incredible opportunities to learn and improve what you do.” 

For years, Mrs. Faus has offered science help to students through the Teaching and Learning Center. Nola Lai ’25 said, “Mrs. Faus has never failed to cheer me up and has made me a better student. She is always willing to come to campus or Zoom to help with studying for a quiz or test.”

Mrs. Faus holds both students and colleagues to high standards. Lai said, “I remember on the first day in Honors Chemistry, she gave us a lab. I left that day wanting to drop the class. The next day, I went to talk to her, and she convinced me that I was in the class for a reason. It completely changed my perspective on the class and how I approach school.” 

Mrs. Faus received the Lufkin Prize in 2021. Dr. Kirby said, “I will miss her support, her willingness to help...the gentle giant she has been in the department. To me, Mrs. Faus is larger than life.” When asked about what she will do in retirement, Mrs. Faus said, “I would love to get into a car and just go.” 

She intends to move to Charleston, SC and would like to work with animals, particularly rescuing turtles, hike, and spend time with her children in Colorado.

Katie Yang is a contributing writer for The Record.

December 7th

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