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Golden Wok: Affordable Asian Cuisine

Golden Wok: Affordable Asian Cuisine

Golden Wok: Affordable Asian Cuisine

Opinions Editor

December 8, 2022

Jack McCarthy '26

In a town with few restaurants and even fewer varieties of cuisine, a small restaurant provides a taste of a different continent.

Since 1996, Golden Wok has brought Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine to Millerton, New York and the surrounding areas. Located just off on Main Street, across from the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, Golden Wok provides take-out and delivery services.

Amy Yang and her husband conceived of Golden Wok in 1995. Ms. Yang recalls driving through towns in Connecticut and New York looking for somewhere to open a restaurant. When she came across Millerton, she and her husband immediately decided it would be a promising place.

Ms. Yang said, “We see [Millerton], and we see the space that we’re in now, right, and so we didn’t go home. The next day we talked to the landlord.” They spent the next year developing Golden Wok and preparing the space.

When they opened, they had no expectations of being as busy as they would be. On their first night in business, however, there were so many customers that Ms. Yang had to drive into the city the next morning to scout out more employees.

A year after its opening, Golden Wok began delivering to Hotchkiss, Millbrook, Salisbury, Indian Mountain School, Maplebrook, and Berkshire schools. As soon as they began offering delivery, the restaurant became even more popular. Chris Mitchell ’24 said, “It’s great for when you are tired of the typical pizza or burger.”

In recent years, however, it has become more difficult to offer delivery. Ms. Yang said, “Everything is expensive. [Cooking] oil is expensive, gas is expensive, and I can’t find a delivery guy doing it for us, so now I slowed down on delivery.”

Students cite the extensive menu and affordability as factors drawing them to the Golden Wok. Carla Oudin ’26 recommends the sweet and sour chicken. For the future, Anya Reppa ’26 said, “I’d love for Golden Wok to serve bubble tea, since there is nowhere up here to order that from.”

Ms. Yang has experienced recent hardships that have also affected the restaurant’s service. Last year, her house burned down and two family members perished. The restaurant closed while she and her family recovered and rebuilt; dine-in services remain unavailable, although delivery and take-out services have resumed.

Jack McCarthy is a opinions editor for The Record.

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