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Harry Morelli: Filmmaker, Actor, and DJ

Harry Morelli: Filmmaker, Actor, and DJ

Harry Morelli: Filmmaker, Actor, and DJ


Morelli as Cinderella’s Prince in Into The Woods.

Contributing Writer

June 2, 2023

Emily Hellqvist '24

Harry Morelli ’23 is a four-year Senior from Chicago, Illinois. He is a co-head of Film Club, board member of WKIS and HDA, Senior editor for HTV, a peer listener, and Senior class council member. Morelli starred in the Putnam County Spelling Bee in his Prep year, Midsummer Musical in his Lower- mid year, Mamma Mia! and the Black Box Lovesick in his Upper-Mid year, and Into the Woods in his Senior year. Morelli will attend Georgetown University next year. He is also working on a film that he hopes to finish in college. Harry took Honors Performance and Honors Advanced Filmmaking in his Senior year. 

What do you love most about the arts? 

Music is one of the only art forms that truly brings people together from all cultures and languages. I love making music, because I am able to create connections with different people. I love cinematography because I can express themes and ideas through a visual medium to help the audience see things from a certain perspective. 

How has art impacted you as a person? 

I started acting in fourth and fifth grade. I was always an very extroverted kid, so acting became a way for me to channel all of my extroversion. I used to frequently get into trouble during class, because I would be constantly talking or having energetic outbursts. But once I started acting, there was a time and place for me to have those big energy spurts. Acting also helped me to express myself as well as developing social and public speaking skills. 

What are your future plans for your art career? 

In terms of music, I was signed by a company in Washington D.C. to DJ at Georgetown and American University college parties for a year. This summer, I’m going to have studio sessions with local artists from Chicago and produce for them. I also plan to continue to reach a wide audience with my music through my TikTok. 

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers, performers, and musicians? 

My advice would be to do what you love. I know this sounds cliché, but don’t let others change your art style. There have been many times in my life where people have tried to dissuade me from doing something in a particular way. But I discovered that I produce better work if I commit to my own original ideas, instead of following rules that others have set for me. So, do not limit yourself to what you see other people doing. Like my dad always says, “Never take the same road twice.” If someone has done it one way, you can try to do it a different way and find your own artistic path.

Emily Hellqvist is a contributing writer for The Record.

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