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Looking Forward to Eco Day

Looking Forward to Eco Day

Looking Forward to Eco Day


Eco Day activities allow students to enjoy the school’s rural setting and engage in service projects.

Contributing Writer

April 13, 2023

Emmett Roswech '25 and J.T. Popp '26

Eco Day has been a tradition at Hotchkiss for over 25 years. In 1996, the annual programming was established to show the school’s dedication to making changes that would positively affect the environment. This year, Eco Day will take place on April 20, and offer students an opportunity to engage in service projects in the local community and around campus.

Eco Day will be the keystone of Eco Week, which will occur in the third week of April. The week’s programming will be organized by Ms. Amy Sidran, the Fairfield Farm educational coordinator. Ms. Sidran said, “On Eco Day, there will be a thrifting event, volunteer time in the morning, reflection time in afternoon and community gathering at night. We may have a climate walk on Sunday, but that is not decided yet.”

The day will also feature a guest speaker. Brophy Tyree ’14 will talk with students about his start-up company, Wasted, which rents portable toilets that turn waste into fertilizer.

Reflecting on the importance of the event, Emily Iorio ‘23, head of Students for Environmental Action (SEA), said, “My favorite Eco Day memory is volunteering with my advisory last year. It was great to get outside and feel like I was making a substantial impact on the community outside of Hotchkiss.”

This year’s programming will be centered on the theme of “waste.” Ms. Sidran said, “We have a major issue with waste in the world and in our own personal consumption, such as with online shopping. With that purchasing comes the burning of fossil fuels from not only its production but shipping and then disposal.”

In an effort to minimize the school’s waste, Ms. Sirdan said, “Eco Week will highlight different issues and actions that students can take.” On April 19, for instance, there will be a thrift event where students can buy and sell items, instead of discarding them. According to Iorio, “It's a good way to get more clothes without buying online, as shipping can cause a lot of carbon emissions.”

Students have expressed excitement about the upcoming week. Julia Cooper ’25 said, “Eco Day is more valuable than a day of classes.” Miranda Beitel ’25, said, “It’s a great time to bring awareness to our environment and our impact.”

Ms. Sidran mentioned a few simple ways that students can positively contribute to the environment, saying, “Students can find a way to lessen their impact on the planet with actions like eating meat just once a day, recycling, buying clothes from consignment stores either online or in-person with companies such as thredUP.” These actions, she noted, are an easy way to help.

Iorio also brought up a few ways to contribute. She said, “Come to SEA meetings, stay updated on recent environmental policies, reach out to legislators, or just try to reduce your food waste and consumption of things like clothes and paper.”

Emmett Roswech is a contributing writer for The Record.

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