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Mamam Nbiba and Mudry Elected as New Co-Presidents

Mamam Nbiba and Mudry Elected as New Co-Presidents

Mamam Nbiba and Mudry Elected as New Co-Presidents


April 28, 2022

Yixi Zou ’25

Chris Mudry ’23 and Richie Mamam Nbiba ’23 were elected as the next all-school presidents on April 14, emerging victorious over three other candidate pairs and marking a successful campaign heavily predicated on accessible, popular ideas. They will succeed current all-school president Sydney Goldstein ’22, who created many administrative changes during her tenure, including the return of interdorming and the retirement of the No Chance policy. The student body listened to speeches delivered by each pair in Walker Auditorium on April 13 and voted shortly after — the culmination of a campaign during which candidates wrote statements, created presentations, and fielded questions from the community in a Q&A session. All students, including Seniors, received one anonymous vote in the election. Unlike in previous years, voters were instructed to rank the candidates, eliminating the need for a run-off election. Goldstein, who announced the winning pair of the election in an email to the student body, did not disclose what share of the vote Mudry and Mamam Nbiba received. In electing Mudry and Mamam Nbiba, the student body chose a pair of experienced leaders who had already made an impact on the community. Mamam Nbiba is the current Upper Mid class president, co-head of the Black and Hispanic Students Association (BaHSA), and a board member of the Hotchkiss Dramatic Association (HDA); Mudry serves as a member of the Upper Mid class council and a head of the male a capella group, Bluenotes. Their election comes as students look for a return to normalcy after the pandemic disrupted on-campus life for more than two years and as the community simultaneously grapples with shifting views over discipline issues and the implementation of the new Drug and Alcohol Policy. A key facet of their campaign was embracing pre-Covid traditions. The two hope to reinstate Chapel Talks, a space for students to share personal stories and present topics they’re passionate about. Mudry said, “We had a lot of fun things before [the pandemic], and I really want to bring them back with this opportunity.” Mudry and Mamam Nbiba also proposed initiatives such as allowing students to volunteer in the library, which would extend its open hours — a key issue for students who lack study spaces at key times. In addition, they suggested overhauling the rules around detention, and removing WiFi restrictions for Upper Mids during the second semester, stating that the limitations don’t align with the workload and responsibilities that come with being an upper class student. Mudry and Mamam Nbiba will begin their responsibilities as all-school presidents next fall.

Benjamin Who is an editor-in-chief of The Record.

November 16th

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