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Mr. Faus, Champion of the Arts

Mr. Faus, Champion of the Arts

Mr. Faus, Champion of the Arts


Mr. Faus instructs students in the art studio overlooking Lake Wononskopomuc.

Contributing Writer

April 27, 2023

Katie Yang '25

Much of the high praise of the school’s visual arts program can be traced back to Mr. Brad Faus P’10, The Marie S. Tinker Chair, director of the art program, and instructor in art. Having taught for over 35 years at the school, Mr. Faus has also coached Girls Varsity Lacrosse, and served on numerous committees.

Mr. Faus arrived at the school in 1987 after running the visual art department at Tilton Academy in New Hampshire. He was in search of a larger school with a more robust visual arts program. Mr. Faus was part of the team that first established the Humanities art requirement for Preps and Lower Mids and helped advance the program from its early stages. Mr. Faus insisted that the curriculum not only include art history, but also embrace the practice of studio art. 

“I got a real education with Mr. Faus,” said Mr. Charlie Noyes ’78, former head of the visual arts program. “People say you take art, but here, you study art. Mr. Faus always emphasized the notion of finding meaning in your artmaking. The idea of developing concepts behind your imagery. Don’t just draw something – say something, tell a story.” 

When Mr. Faus arrived at the school, the art department was composed of five different programs. He lobbied hard to make the program more rigorous and arts required for all students. Commenting on his work with the program, Mr. Faus said, “I work to facilitate a studio environment where students can find their own path.” Mr. Faus sets high standards for student work in class and in the studio. Mr. Noyes said, “He has helped people to understand that the study of art is as rigorous and as important as any other course. The arts were always the unrecognized step-child to the academic program. Mr. Faus worked hard to help people recognize that they are both intellectual pursuits.” 

To recognize his contributions as a mentor and role model, Mr. Faus was awarded the Lufkin Prize in 2018. After decades of teaching at the school, Mr. Faus looks forward to investing in and building his own studio in Charleston, South Carolina, in addition to traveling to Maine and visiting his family in Denver. 

Ophelia Cham ’25, said, “I will miss his presence. When I see him in the hallways – his hand waves, his big smile, shoulder pats, and crazy outfi ts on Halloween.”

Katie Yang is a contributing writer for The Record.

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