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New Postgraduate Student-Athletes Join the Class of 2024

New Postgraduate Student-Athletes Join the Class of 2024

New Postgraduate Student-Athletes Join the Class of 2024


Staff Writer

September 28, 2023

Ellie Keum '26

The school welcomes 13 new postgraduate students to the Class of 2024. For this issue, Record Sports interviewed nine of the postgraduates about their backgrounds, aspirations, and favorite things about the school so far. 

Ade Mitchell (Football) 

Adeyemi “Ade” Mitchell comes from Atlanta, Georgia, where he attended Cedar Grove High School. Mitchell says he chose Hotchkiss “because of the sense of community.” He enjoys waking up early and going to the MAC. Ade is most excited for football season. 

Lawrence Taylor (Soccer) 

Lawrence Taylor joins the community from Liberia, West Africa. Taylor says he knew nothing about boarding school before he was recruited to Westminster, where he played soccer for four years. He says he chose Hotchkiss, “because of its unique education system and because it has one of the strongest boys soccer teams in New England.” His favorite thing about the school so far has been meeting others from a variety of backgrounds. Taylor says he looks forward to a great year on the soccer field and getting to know new people. 

Phoenix Sward (Football) 

Phoenix Sward graduated from South Kingstown High School in Rhode Island. He chose the school because of the “the amazing connections I felt I would make and the athletic situation that would help me get recruited to play at the next level.” His favorite thing so far has been how welcomed he has felt by his peers and teachers. 

Will McGee (Football & Hockey) 

Will McGee is from Lebanon, New Hampshire. McGee says he picked boarding school because he wanted to try something new before college, especially as Covid impacted his first four years in high school. McGee says he picked this school because “of all the schools I saw, I liked the campus and interview process the most. I just liked the people I met here more than in other places.” His favorite part of the school so far is having the golf course close by. He is looking forward to hockey season, as well as meeting more new people. 

Ian Johnson (Hockey) 

Ian Johnson joins the school from St. Paul, Minnesota. Johnson came here because he loved the campus, sense of community, coaches, and ice hockey program. Johnson says his “favorite thing at Hotchkiss so far has been getting to know people from all across the world.” He is looking forward to hockey season and playing with the team this winter. 

Ryan Ornstein (Lacrosse) 

Ryan Ornstein is from Scarsdale, New York. He picked boarding school because he thinks a post-graduate year will act like a gap year before college. Ornstein says, “My favorite thing is the culture and the community that’s being built here.” He said Hotchkiss is a lot smaller than his old school and very tight-knit. Ryan is looking forward to lacrosse season and trying new clubs. He is committed to play lacrosse at Colgate University. 

Andrew Lehrman (Lacrosse) 

Andrew Lehrman is also from Scarsdale, New York and plays lacrosse. He said, “Hotchkiss is a great academic school that will prepare me for life after college.” His favorite thing to do has been hanging out with his friends around the dorm. Lehrman says he is looking forward to lacrosse season and the rest of the year in general. 

Andy Bowers (Soccer) 

Andy Bowers is from Winchester, Massachusetts. Bowers said, “Coach Mario Williams ’12 played a big role in differentiating Hotchkiss from the other schools I was looking at. Also, the opportunity to take rigorous classes that I have not already taken shaped my decision.” Bowers’s favorite thing at Hotchkiss so far has been the community on the soccer team. He said, “It’s a really fun environment and everyone wants to compete and get better.” 

Jonathan Decker (Football & Baseball) 

Jonathan Decker is from Stamford, Connecticut. He attended King School, where he played football and baseball. Decker is commited to play baseball at Lafyette University. Decker joined the school because of the “sense of community, academic opportunities, and robust athletic program.” So far, Decker has enjoyed getting to know his dormmates in Garland and hanging out in the Snack Bar and Senior Quad.

Ellie Keum is a staff writer for The Record.

November 16th

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