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Ryan Grant Starts Senior Year With Touchdown Streak

Ryan Grant Starts Senior Year With Touchdown Streak

Ryan Grant Starts Senior Year With Touchdown Streak


Grant is the starting linebacker and running back for Varsity Football.

Staff Writer

October 12, 2023

Katie Qian '26

Ryan Grant ’24 is a four-year Senior from Burlington, Connecticut. He plays as the starting linebacker and running back on the school’s football team. Grant, who arrived at the school planning to play lacrosse, joined the football team his Lower Mid year. 

Teammate Tieler Traggio ’26 said, “Ryan is a great leader on and off the field. He always brings a great mentality to practices and games.” Grant has enjoyed a strong start to the season, scoring a touchdown in each of the team’s first two games (against Loomis Chaffee and Trinity- Pawling). 

What are some of your favorite memories with the football team? 

The game two years ago against Lawrenceville. Even though I wasn’t playing a lot at the time, we had a really cool experience of turning the game around with just twenty seconds left with an onside kick that we converted into a couple of points in the last few seconds. Then again, simple day-to-day operations of being with the team and meeting new people has also always been a highlight for me. 

What are some of your goals for this season? 

I just want to have fun and be successful with the team. We are definitely better than last year. Despite coming off a loss from Saturday (September 30), we are a lot more organized and motivated as a team. I am incredibly proud of and hopeful for what the team is going to accomplish this season. Do you see football being a part of your future? I don’t plan to play football in college. However, I love the spirit of football, and I would love to see my kids play. I look forward to what the future holds for Hotchkiss football, but as of now, this year is seeming like the end of my football journey. 

Who have you looked up to during your time on the team? 

My first year playing football, Brandon Ciccarello ’22 was someone I looked up to. Like me, Brandon played running back, and I tried to model my style of play after his during games and practices. His work ethic, attitude, enthusiasm, and love for the game have stuck with me. Whether it be on the field or in the weight room, Brandon always focused on working hard and maintaining a positive attitude, and on inspiring younger members of the team to follow his lead. 

On a different note, we heard you are great at fantasy football. Can you tell us about that?

Last season, I placed first in my fantasy football league, and I have started this season 4-0. I attribute my success to my strategy of drafting high-value players at low spots. Last year, I selected Travis Kelce in the first round and paired him with MVP-winner Patrick Mahomes, allowing me to lead the regular season and go on to win the playoffs. This year, Tyreek Hill, currently ranked third among wide receivers, Josh Allen, ranked second among quarterbacks, Evan Engram, ranked fourth among tight ends, and DeAndre Swift, ranked ninth among running backs, have helped me stay undefeated through four games. My most important player, however, was first round selection, Eagles kicker Jake Elliott, who has averaged a significant 15 points a game. Although I don’t necessarily believe my experience on the football team has directly contributed to my Fantasy Football success, my passion for football has allowed me to draft the best players. 

What advice would you give to aspiring football players, or athletes in general? 

Work hard. Whether that’s in practices or off-seasons, make sure you’re always in shape and learning about different game plays. This can be done through watching film, training in the weight room, and always keeping a vigorous mentality. Even if you don’t plan to play football professionally, still give it your all, because it is a great feeling to experience when your team succeeds. Always remember to embrace the environment, because ultimately, football is a collective effort. Your sport should be immersive and fun.

Katie Qian is a staff writer for The Record.

November 16th

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