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School Prepares to Refurbish Library, Contracts Architects

School Prepares to Refurbish Library, Contracts Architects

School Prepares to Refurbish Library, Contracts Architects


A student in the original Edsel Ford Memorial Library.

Contributing Writer

March 2, 2023

Youden Lama '26

The school’s library has not undergone a major renovation for nearly thirty years, but a refurbishment is in the works. Recently, Mr. John Bryant, director of facilities, along with library staff and administrators, finished formulating a plan for the new interior. The school will partner with Boston-based HGA Architects on the project.

The new design aims to add more modern touches to the library and make it a space where students enjoy working. During the pandemic, access to space in the library was restricted for public health and safety reasons. Consequently, many students found different places to do their work, such as in their own rooms and in classrooms. Mr. Bryant said, “The idea is to reinstitute the library as a central learning and activity hub of the school.”
The basic structure of the library is projected to stay the same to preserve its historical character. HGA Architects is known for working with old buildings and giving them a modern feel without sacrificing their character. Head of School Mr. Craig Bradley said, “[The project] is a refurbishment. Renovation suggests knocking down walls and stuff, and we do not intend on doing that.” The general vision is to improve ventilation, change the carpet, rearrange learning spaces, and purchase new and additional furniture.

Mr. Bryant will work closely with Ms. Cory Stevens, director of the Edsel Ford Memorial Library, and the Student Library Advisory Council to plan the changes. While Mr. Bryant facilitates campus construction projects, Ms. Stevens and the Library Council will help make decisions about the interior layout and appearance. Once the architects and the council agree on ideas and produce a cost estimate for the project, the Alumni and Development Office will work on raising funds for the project.

The refurbishment will most likely take place in a summer or over multiple summers, to ensure that the students can still use the library during the school year without disruption. The school is prioritizing the Dining Hall rennovations, so fund-raising for the library project will take place after funding for the new Dining Hall is secured.

On March 1, Mr. Jim Moore, from HGA will visit the library to gather information for the first design.

Youden Lama is a contributing writer for The Record.

November 16th

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