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Seniors Perform at Talent Show

Seniors Perform at Talent Show

Seniors Perform at Talent Show


Dzenutis performs an original song.

Staff Writer

June 2, 2023

Bastien Sever '26

The annual Senior Talent Show, hosted by Cole Foster ’23 and Carter Nachman ’23, was held on Sunday, May 21. The performance showcased the many talents of the Senior class, including singing, instrumental performances, and solving a Rubik’s Cube. 

Planning for the talent show began at the end of April, as Senior Class Presidents Eli Rippetoe ’23 and Sydney Jean ’23 met with members of the class council and Mrs. Maggie Crain, dean of the class of 2023; Ms. Marcie Wistar, director of student activities and clubs; and Mr. Derek Brashears, director of theatre. 

Class council members Lauren McLane ’23 and Jason Shan ’23 were in charge of generating excitement for the show, while Harry Morelli ’23 helped recruit performers. Giancarlo Mendoza ’23 and Alexander Repikov ’23 set up equipment and operated tech. 

The talent show featured eight performances. Paige Dzenutis ’23 performed an original song with Mendoza on drums, Isabella Wei ’23 on vocals, and Ben Herdeg ’23 on the piano. Cameron Rowe ’23, who was introduced as the brother of Connor Rowe ’23, impressed the crowd with his Rubik’s Cube-solving skills, and Sydney Jean ’23 and Kendall Giltz ’23 serenaded an unsuspecting member of the audience, Johnny Bennett ’23, with their rendition of “Worth It” by YK Osiris. 

Mendoza also shared a video of a technically impressive piece in which he played every musical part. Reflecting on the performance, said, “The hardest part was working on the musical arrangement – when the drums were going to come in, when the piano should come in, the harmonies, matching the keys. But once you have that down, everything else falls into place.” 

Rippetoe ’23 said, “The Senior Talent Show is a significant tradition at Hotchkiss. It provides us with the opportunity to reflect upon what kind of impact we want to leave as our legacy. Thus, the Senior Talent Show is part of our final statement at Hotchkiss.” 

Elise Kang ’25 said, “The showcase made me realize how much character the Senior class brings to the school spirit. I will definitely miss the Seniors.”

Bastien Sever is a staff writer for The Record,

February 1st

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