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Staff of the Issue: Ms. Donna Grenier

Staff of the Issue: Ms. Donna Grenier

Staff of the Issue: Ms. Donna Grenier


Ms. Grenier designs the school’s gardens.

Staff Writer

November 2, 2023

Julian Zhang '26

If you’ve ever marveled at the bright flowers and trailing ivy spilling over the concrete urns outside Main Building or watched hummingbirds visit the gardens overlooking Lake Wononscopomuc, you have enjoyed the work of Donna Grenier, who works around the year to beautify campus. 

Ms. Grenier began landscaping at the school 20 years ago, when she was invited to design and install the garden along the stone wall in front of Harris House. Today, she maintains a greenhouse on Easy Street and is responsible for designing and maintaining many of the gardens, planters, and special event floral displays on campus. 

Ms. Grenier works closely with Mrs. Lisa Brown, the chief of staff to the head of school, to plan decorations for special events. Mrs. Brown said, “Ms. Grenier has a hand in the beautification of almost every garden on campus. She is the reason why the school looks so welcoming when you first drive through the front gates and approach the Main Building during every season. She pots and maintains over 100 plants each spring so that our events remain lush and beautiful. She is a behind-the scenes person who deserves recognition for all of her tireless efforts—which she often makes in inclement weather.” 

Ms. Sarinda Wilson, instructor in French and long-time campus resident, said, “When I think of Donna, I think of dedication and consistency. She’s made her mark on so many different places on our campus. Her work creates a transition between the buildings of Hotchkiss and nature, so we can fully appreciate the natural beauty of our campus.” 

During the winter, Ms. Grenier prepares for planting season and continues to support indoor events. She said, “I usually work seven days a week. But when I’m away from work, I connect with family and friends. Five of my nine grandchildren will play basketball this winter, so I’ll be attending a lot of their games!” 

Ms. Grenier welcomes students to come up and say hello when they see her on campus. She said, “People are so friendly here. Everyone seems very grateful for what I do. The comments that touch me the most come from students. I enjoy interacting with them so much.” 

In the two decades since Donna Grenier first set foot on campus, she has transformed the school’s landscape. Her behind-the-scenes dedication ensures that the campus remains visually stunning throughout the year.

Julian Zhang is a staff writer for The Record.

November 16th

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Editor's Note: This article was recovered from The Record's online archive. There may be stylistic and visual errors that interrupt the reading experience, as well as missing photos. To read this article as it appeared in print, view our print archives.

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