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Tough Loss For Varsity Field Hockey

Tough Loss For Varsity Field Hockey

Tough Loss For Varsity Field Hockey


Only one goal was scored in the NE championship quarterfinals game.

Contributing Writer

December 7, 2023

Eden Selassie '25

The school’s Varsity Field Hockey New England Championship quarterfinals game against Noble & Greenough was an even matchup but ended in a 0-1 loss. 

The fourth and fifth seed teams in the NEPSAC Class A bracket faced off on Wednesday, November 15. Before Wednesday’s game, Noble’s record was 13-3, while Hotchkiss stood at 12-1-2. 

On game day, parents, students, faculty, and staff braved the cold to cheer on the team at Downing Field. The first quarter saw four penalty corners decided in favor of Hotchkiss. The quarter ended with the score at 0-0. 

There were four penalty corners in the second quarter, three in favor of Hotchkiss, one in favor of Noble. By the team’s half-time huddle, Eleanor Helm ’25 said, “We had a pretty positive outlook, we felt confident and had been playing well.” 

At the start of the third quarter, the score was still 0-0. Five minutes in, a penalty corner was called in favor of Noble. Hotchkiss’ offense kept possession of the ball for the majority of the quarter. 

Throughout the game, there were many tries on the goals, but the teams’ defense and goalies stopped them all, until the last three minutes of the fourth quarter. JV Field Hockey team member Nikki Ferraro ’26 said, “The opposing goalie was strong and so was their defensive passing.” 

Varsity co-captain Bella Bigelow ’24 said, “[Nobles’ players] knew they had to keep pressing on the gas with us, and we knew we had to do that with them. We all wanted the victory, but I think it came down to Noble’s better opportunities, although we were the stronger team.” 

After stealing the ball with just over three minutes left on the clock, Noble’s #14 tussled with the school’s defenders within the striking circle, made an impressive scoop over the Hotchkiss goalie, and scored.

Eden Selassie is a contributing writer for The Record.

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