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Tulsa Hockey: Good Vibes And the Ties That Bind

Tulsa Hockey: Good Vibes And the Ties That Bind

Tulsa Hockey: Good Vibes And the Ties That Bind


George Weinstein ’24 dekes a Trinity-Pawling defenseman during a game.

Contributing Writer

March 2, 2023

Ben Wistar '23

“It’s about the long term relationships that we build over the years,” Head Coach Michael Fitzgerald said.

Boys JV Hockey, or as you’re more likely to hear it called, Tulsa occupies a special place in the hearts of its players. George Weinstein ’24 says, “Everyone on the team wants to have a good time and wants to win games, and we have a good mix of fun and winning.”

Explaining the team’s philosophy, Coach Fitzgerald said, “We try to balance gaining a deeper understanding of the game in terms of systems and how the game is played with working on raw skills and having fun. Sometimes having more fun reduces the kind of hockey we play, but it’s a goal of ours to try to figure out how to balance all those things where you might not have to balance them as much at a varsity level.”

Both Co-captain Preston Leung ’23 and Weinstein said that their favorite memory was the team’s 5-2 win against Taft last season after an early two-goal deficit. Weinstein said, “[The game] was an electric win in front of an electric crowd at Taft.”

Leung said, “They had a full fan section that chirped at us all game, and we came out with a dominant win. That probably was, to this day, my best hockey game on Tulsa ever.”

Weinstein and Leung also reflected on their current season, identifying the shootout win against Cardigan Mountain’s Varsity team as their favorite moment this year. After three periods and overtime left the teams tied at 2-2, Trevor Neeb ’23, Dylan Ah Now ’25, and Emmett Roswech ’25 all converted their shoot-out chances to send a packed Schmidt Rink into hysterics.

Coach Fitzgerald also regarded the win against Cardigan as the team’s most notable result this year. “We played them tight all game. I think it was a real high point for us, because they’re a really strong team.”

Reflecting on the unique culture of Tulsa, he added, “I think there will always be clusters of moments that our long-time players are involved in, and that builds over time into something of its own.”

The team’s last game against Taft was scheduled for February 25, but canceled due to weather, and end their season with four wins, eight losses, and a tie.

Ben Wistar in a contributing writer for The Record.

September 28th

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