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Waldron Reflects on Historic Golf Season

Waldron Reflects on Historic Golf Season

Waldron Reflects on Historic Golf Season


Waldron reads the green during a match.

Staff Writer

June 2, 2023

J.T. Popp '26 and Jackson Grace '26

Christian Waldron ’23 is a four-year Senior from West Hartford, Connecticut and is co-captain of the Boys Varsity Golf. Head Coach Jason Maier said, “Christian has been an outstanding leader and contributor for Varsity Golf this season. As captain, he has led by example and modeled hard work and taking his game seriously. He expects himself to play strong golf, and others on the team follow suit.” 

What do you love most about golf? 

I love the social aspect of it. I’ve gotten to know so many people just by playing a round of golf with them. What advice do you have for younger players? Play with as many competitive golfers as you can. Try to make friends with junior golfers who consistently play in tournaments. When you go out to play with your friends, push yourself: challenge them to a match, place wagers on whether you will make a certain putt – keep things competitive. 

What was a favorite moment with the team? 

My Lower Mid year, we broke the Hotchkiss course record by posting a team score of 181. Everyone had a career round that day. 

How do you feel the season has gone? 

Although we still have to play the New England Tournament, this was definitely a historic season. Our record was 14-5-1, and we’ve beaten teams that were much better than we were last year, like Choate and Taft. The future of the team is bright. Jake Doherty ’26 and George McGlinn ’26 have been impressive for Preps. 

How has playing on the team improved your skills? 

I have become a more consistent golfer. We have two matches per week, and even if my swing doesn’t feel good going into a match, I need to find a way to play well. 

How did you discover your passion for golf? 

When Tiger Woods won the Masters in 2019, I became hooked on golf. I had always known about Tiger’s dominance back in the early 2000s, but I had never been old enough to watch him win. After his surgeries, substance abuse issues, and scandals, I didn’t think he would win another major. During the 2019 Masters, I watched every golf shot he hit in the final round, and it was most likely the greatest sporting event I will ever witness.

Jackson Grace is a staff writer for The Record.

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