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Will Helm ’18 Makes History for Duke Lax

Will Helm ’18 Makes History for Duke Lax

Will Helm ’18 Makes History for Duke Lax


Will Helm ’18 averaged only 10.97 goals allowed per game, a key contribution that helped Duke reach the NCAA Division I championship last year.

Staff Writer

November 2, 2023

Jackson Grace '26

Will Helm ’18 is the starting goalkeeper for Duke Mens Lacrosse. During his four years at Hotchkiss, Helm played hockey, lacrosse, and biked on the school’s inaugural Mountain Biking team. 

After graduating, Helm played Division III lacrosse at St. Lawrence University. He achieved the title of Division III All-American in lacrosse after graduating from St. Lawrence. 

In the wake of the pandemic, the NCAA awarded an additional year of eligibility to all athletes, which meant that Helm could play college sports for a fifth year. Because St. Lawrence canceled its 2021 season, he also received a sixth season of eligibility that he will use this spring. After he graduated from St. Lawrence, Helm joined Duke’s Division I lacrosse team as a graduate transfer, enrolling in their Fuqua School of Business MBA program. Last year, Helm started all 19 games and recorded an impressive 10.97 goals against average and a .505 save percentage, contributing significantly to the Blue Devils’ successful 16-3 season. 

Throughout his collegiate lacrosse career at both St. Lawrence and Duke, Helm played in a total of 50 games, with team records of 37 wins, ten losses, and three ties. He was also a finalist in the NCAA Division I Lacrosse championship. 

Helm’s lacrosse career took a pivotal turn when he transitioned to playing goalie as a Lower Mid on the school’s varsity team from playing as a third’s lacrosse midfielder. He said, “One of the reasons I started playing goalie was because of my freshman year. I got really close with a Senior [Jack Corbett ’15] on Boys Varsity Lacrosse. I really looked up to him, and when I started playing lacrosse, I just wanted to be like him.” 

Helm credits Hotchkiss with preparing him for the transition to college athletics. He said, “I played with unbelievable players and athletes at Hotchkiss. Founders League is really competitive, so I think I was far more prepared than some of my peers coming into college.” 

Helm was the starting goalie for Duke in the DI championship game against Notre Dame. He said, “The first thing I thought when I was out there was that I never would have imagined that I’d be there. It was a really surreal moment. I was just soaking in the moment, which was a result of my hard work.” 

Helm’s sister, Eleanor Helm ’25, who plays both Varsity Field Hockey and Girls Varsity Lacrosse said, “Will is someone who pushed me really hard and never let me win easily. He constantly reminded me that I couldn’t expect to achieve anything if I didn’t put work outside of practice.” After witnessing her brother play in the national championship, the younger Helm said, “That was one of the proudest moments I’ve ever felt. He worked so hard that season, and I’m just glad he got the chance to compete, even if they didn’t win.”

A correction was made on Nov. 2, 2023: A picture caption in an earlier version of this article said Duke won the 2022 NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship. They were finalists, losing to Notre Dame in the championship game.

Jackson Grace is a staff writer for The Record.

November 16th

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