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WKIS Returns With Energy And Creativity

WKIS Returns With Energy And Creativity

WKIS Returns With Energy And Creativity


WKIS hosts a boiler room in the Student Center

Contributing Writer

April 27, 2023

Trey Ramirez '26

WKIS has become a dynamic force that is reshaping the student experience at Hotchkiss through live radio, podcasts, DJ, and music production. 

Founded in the 1950s as “Radio Free Hotchkiss” and run out of the Coy dormitory basement, the station was originally used to broadcast student protests against the school’s administration. 

Since then, WKIS has evolved into a space for students to showcase their creativity, featuring live radio, podcasts, DJ shows, and other productions. In recent years, the club has enjoyed a growth in popularity due to the efforts of co-heads Maccoy Barry ’23 and McCoy Weil ’23. The club has hosted open houses, student-DJed school dances, and DJ master classes to teach students how to produce their own music. WKIS student DJs have performed at almost every student dance this year. 

Reflecting on the club’s mission, Barry said, “We just want to breathe more life into this place and create a legacy of artistic expression and community engagement that will continue to thrive long after we have graduated.” 

WKIS hosted a boiler room-style set in the Student Center on Saturday, April 22. Weil and Harry Morelli ’23 DJed, mixing electronic and popular music for a crowd. ‘Bouncers’ checking MariaCards, strobe lighting, and dark curtains added to the club-like ambiance. “The first Boiler Room was livestreamed using a webcam duct taped to the wall of a disused boiler room in 2010,” Morelli said. 

Tiger Mutter ’26 said, “The WKIS Club has added an exciting creative dimension to our school community. One of my favorite events was the boiler room because of how many people showed up and how I got to see the Hotchkiss community having fun all together.” 

WKIS has exciting plans in store for the future, including upcoming radio shows by Lower Mid students, Petal Hammam ’25 and Anya Bixby ’25, who are hosting a weekly radio show featuring relaxing music and short podcasts surrounding different themes. This Thursday, tune into 91.5 WKIS FM with Anya and Petal for a special podcast as the community approaches the summer season.

Trey Ramirez is a contributing writer for The Record.

December 7th

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