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Wolff Named New GVS Head Coach

Wolff Named New GVS Head Coach

Wolff Named New GVS Head Coach


Coach Wolff speaks to 2022-2023 Girls Varsity Soccer.

Sports Editor

September 9, 2023

Julian Brown '25

Following in the footsteps of longtime Girls Varsity Soccer Head Coach Christy Cooper, Head Coach Missy Wolff has big shoes to fill. Coach Wolff joined Hotchkiss’s Admission office in 2021 after over a decade of experience at Loomis, her alma mater, and Taft, in their communications and admissions offices. 

At Loomis, she was a soccer and softball captain, leading both teams to NEPSAC championships. Coach Wolff was also named a NEPSAC all-star in softball during her Senior year. After joining Taft, she became the head coach of Varsity Softball. 

Coach Wolff hopes her extensive experience will give her team an edge over their competition. She said, “I understand the level of competition, the dynamics of our inter-school rivalries, and the commitment required to excel in [Founders League]. This familiarity allows me to prepare our team strategically for various opponents and situations, by ensuring that we are well-prepared both mentally and physically.” 

Coach Wolff’s impact has already been felt by key members of the team, as the team’s pre-season preparations began last Spring. “[Coach Wolff ] spoke with every player to get to know us all and the team’s traditions. We all admired the wonderful ideas she also put out that she would love to offer to the team,” co-captain and Dartmouth soccer commit Emmanuella Frimpomaa ’24 said. 

Co-captain Etta Coburn ’24 said, “Coach Wolff has been great about communicating with us about the upcoming season. Not only has she brought a new level of intensity, but she has also been extremely open about the transition from Coops. She has been very accepting about keeping certain team traditions as well as introducing some new great ones.” 

Looking ahead to the new season, Coach Wolff said, “I look forward to witnessing the growth and development of each player as we train together, hone our strategies, and face formidable opponents in the Founders League.” 

She continued, “I’m excited to contribute to the team’s journey toward success and to create a memorable and rewarding experience for every player on and off the field.”

Julian Brown is a Sports Editor for The Record.

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