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The Editorial Board

The CXXIV Editorial Board manages The Record's print and online presence. Its goal is to provide readers with a unique, enjoyable experience that informs and inspires. Editorials are written by members of the Executive Board.

CXXIV Executive Board

Carrie Cao '23 Editor-in-Chief

Lauren McLane '23 Editor-in-Chief

Benjamin Who '24 Editor-in-Chief

Amelie Zhang '23 Editor-in-Chief


Editorial Board


Anji Ashaye '24 Editor

Vivian Shi '23 Editor

Sophie Elliott '24 Editor


Parth Jain '24 Editor

Darina Huang '23 Editor


Peter Berlizov '24 Editor

Chase Dobson '23 Editor


Angela Li '24 Editor

Mia Nyoike '24 Editor


Matias Acevedo '24 Editor

Nate Seidenstein '24 Editor

Graphics and Design

Quisha Lee '24 Editor

Hanna Sun '24 Editor


Dasha Post '23 Editor

David Xiao '23 Editor

Digital Media

Anika Balwada '23 Coordinator

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