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Rebekah Oppenheimer '24

Rebekah Oppenheimer is a news editor for The Record

November 2, 2023

Special Olympics Director Gives Beal Lecture

The Beal Lecture was created in 1983 in honor of Thaddeus Beal Jr. ’35

Rebekah Oppenheimer '24


October 12, 2023

More Dining Hall Details Announced

The Dining Hall is more than 75 years old and one of the oldest unrenovated buildings on campus.

Rebekah Oppenheimer '24


September 28, 2023

Dr. Ben-Shahar Lectures on Wellness

Dr. Ben-Shahar is internationally renowned as a leading expert in the field of positive psychology

Rebekah Oppenheimer '24


September 9, 2023

New Policy Bans Phones in Dining Hall and Classes

“Not having cell the Dining Hall goes a long way toward promoting a more inclusive school"

Rebekah Oppenheimer '24


March 2, 2023

New Academic Policy Addresses A.I. Use in Class

Academic Office to Explore Role of A.I. in Learning

Rebekah Oppenheimer '24


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